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Members Access has been a popular module available to our Abacus One World and Abacus 1.8 customers for quite some time. It has always been a vital service for members Although, never before has it played such a crucial role as it has during the current pandemic of Covid-19. Financial institutions are getting more and more queries from a wide range of their members on getting online. This trend is likely to continue even when this crisis has passed.

Members Access was designed with the focus that it would be secure and easy to use for all members. With that in mind the site uses SSL protocol and 128-bit encryption to provide security for the transmission of member data. It is designed/styled specifically to your website branding or whichever styling of your choosing. It is also linked to your current website so your members will be able to locate their account information all from within an area they are already familiar with. 

Not only is Members Access available 24/7, it is real time data so members will have accurate account information right at their fingertips. The members access site has scalability; therefore, it is mobile friendly and can be used on all devices.

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Once you have signed up for our Members Access, the functionalities that will become available are:

Register & Activate: For current Members they will need to complete the registration steps to receive these additional online benefits. They will then be sent 2 step authentication via email and SMS.

Login: View real-time account information, view/Download statements, change Pin settings.

Withdraw & Transfer Funds: transfer funds between accounts or withdraw to an external bank account.

Secure Messaging: Members will instantly be able to contact you with queries and as it is real time data you will have the ability to reply/respond to them.

Add bank account: members can make you aware that they wish to add a bank account to their profile. This requires SMS authentication for security.

Apply for a Loan or Top up an existing loan: members can apply for a new loan or top up existing loans, this is based on any business rules you may have that can be enforced when members are completing the loan calculation steps.

Join: Attract new members by having them being able to complete a Join form online.

Join & Borrow: Allow members to join and apply for their loan in the same process.

Credit Checking: Integrate Members Access with Equifax credit checking services, along with AML (Anti Money Laundering).

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As Members Access popularity is increasing, we already have work well under way on our new online document upload feature. This gives your member the ability to securely upload documentation such as ID verification and documentation to support their Loan application. This saves less in branch interaction and a faster turn around time for you and your member!

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If you’d like to hear more on Members Access and how it works with Abacus, please do not hesitate to contact us for a demo at

Also don’t forget to check out our new Mobile App 😊

Have a great day!

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