Abacus Update- Automated EOD

Fern Software is delighted to announce a major new update on our Abacus-Web software. This update marks another milestone in the software development and is a testament to Fern’s ongoing commitment to keep Abacus Web at the forefront of core banking technologies. 

Abacus EOD Automation

Abacus EOD Automation Module is designed to reduce manual intervention in the EOD processes and also improves the processing time. It also sends out custom notifications to Branch Managers and Individual users on EOD progress periodically. The entire EOD operation can be pre scheduled and the stakeholders would receive notification on completion.

Key Benefits

Typically, End Of Day processes can only be manually clicked through at the end of all daily operations. This has meant laborious, time consuming work for users at the end of a working day. Fern therefore has responded by automating the entire process. You can now schedule your time and run EOD automatically, while simultaneously generating reports on the process. 

If there are any issues midway through the automation – an email is automatically sent to Ferns dedicated support team, where the issue can be resolved and the process triggered once again. 

Highlights of Automated EOD process:

1. No Manual Intervention

2. Increases Efficiency and reduces processing time

3. Sends notification to Users/Stake holders on EOD progress periodically

4. Stores Reports and Exceptions in a Destined Location for Reference

5. Detailed Tracking of History for each Automated Process trigger.

The Automated EOD system marks a huge milestone in the development of Abacus. Fern has listened closely to the feedback of users and we know that this update will make a huge difference to the working lives of many across the Fern Software community!

Learn more about Abacus here!

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