Get Unparalleled Data Privacy and Security in the Cloud with Baytree

Baytree is Fern Software’s latest digital banking product built on the native Salesforce Lightning platform. Baytree features industry leading solutions for lending, portfolio management and customer success with limitless third party integrations, automations and artificial intelligence technologies.

Unparalleled Data Privacy and Security in the Cloud

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As Baytree is built on Salesforce, you can rely on Salesforce’s robust security and privacy programs which have been certified to comply with a number of international standards, including PCI DSS, FISMA, ISO/IEC 27001:2005, SAS 70 Type II, SysTrust, and Eu-US and Swiss-US Safe Harbor.

You will always have control of your data and have access to backups whenever you need them. Access to our solutions is handled securely with end-to-end encryption.

Discover More About Baytree

  • Deliver Smarter, Personalised Customer Experience
  • User-Driven Dynamic Reports & Dashboards
  • Create & automate your own Workflow & Processes
  • Limitless Integration with Open APIs
  • Cost-Effective Infinite Scalability
  • Single Source of Truth
  • Flexible Loan Management
  • User-Configurable UI & UX 
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Power Your Digital Banking with Baytree

Whether you’re looking to launch your digital lending product or power your core banking system, Baytree is the #1 solution of choice! Learn more about our industry leading solution for lending and request a demo today!

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